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When is the Rugby World Cup? I love the sport. It makes the NFL look like a bunch of overweight pussies with all that padding on. IIRC, in Rugby, players use NO pads correct?

Next to association football, rugby football is 2nd favorite sport. How do I know if I like league or untion? I've seen matches on FSC a few years ago but don't know what type it was what channel will Rugby WC be on?
rugby league is more open than union, rugby league is where when a player tackles the ball carrier they have to jog back 10 metres and the team with th ball only get a maximum of 6 tackles per set, where as in union its unlimited, league is way better sport than union but i still like union

lote tuqiri is stood down from australia for 2 matches and fined $20,000 for turning up to a recovery session and medical drunk, LOL what a dumb cunt

Fined ... Tuqiri will not play before the World Cup.Pic: Michael Dodge

Lote misses medical, matches

By Adrian Warren
July 03, 2007
AUSTRALIA wing Lote Tuqiri will consider a lifestyle change after he was banned for the remainder of Australia's pre-Rugby World Cup Tests in the latest chapter of a turbulent year.
Tuqiri, 27, was suspended for the coming Tri-Nations Tests against South Africa and New Zealand, and fined $20,000, following his failure to attend a team medical yesterday and a subsequent recovery session.
He was breath tested at 1.30pm yesterday afternoon, at the request of team management because he looked "a bit shattered", and his reading of .05 was above the team limit.
The team disciplinary committee of coach John Connolly, manager Phil Thompson and players Scott Staniforth and Daniel Vickerman originally decided to suspend Tuqiri for one match and impose a $20,000 fine, but their decision was referred to the Australian Rugby Union.
ARU chief executive John O'Neill decided after consulting senior management to invoke the two-match suspended sentence slapped on Tuqiri after an incident in Cape Town on July 21, 2005, when he was involved in a scuffle with teammate Matt Henjak in a nightclub.
The ban marks one of the first significant decisions made by O'Neill since he commenced his second term of office last Thursday.
O'Neill said he would have sent out a bad message if he had not applied the suspended sentence.
"For consistency's sake, application of the two-match suspended sentence had to be invoked," O'Neill said.
The final financial penalty for Tuqiri is likely to be in excess of $40,000, given that he will miss two $11,500 match fees.
The 53 Test back said he had misread his diary after having "a few quiet drinks" with some teammates and friends on Sunday evening.
"It was just a bad read by me," he said.
"I didn't read my diary properly and we've got certain standards and I failed to turn up at a timed session and I thought that it was what I'd done the day before."
Connolly said he was "comfortable" with the decision to invoke the two-game suspension, and he was adamant it wouldn't disrupt Tuqiri's Rugby World Cup preparations.
Connolly said there had been no discussion about whether Tuqiri should get match fitness in the inaugural Australian Rugby Championship starting next month.
He doubted that scenario would eventuate, but he didn't rule it out totally.
The punishment handed out today added to a catalogue of woes suffered by Tuqiri this season.
In the first week of the year, he was sent home from a Wallabies training camp after failing a fitness test.
In March, he shoved New South Wales teammate Sam Norton-Knight and verbally abused him for an on-field mistake. Tuqiri later issued a public apology to his teammate.
Tuqiri was in hot water again in May, when he broadcast on his phone loudspeaker a personal conversation with Wallabies selector Michael O'Connor fabout NSW teammate Peter Hewat. Tuqiri again had to issue a public apology.
And he missed the Tests against Wales in Sydney and Brisbane when team management had the wing working on his speed ahead of the Rugby World Cup.
"It's been a tough season, but I've got to keep my head up," Tuqiri said.
Tuqiri admitted he might have to change his lifestyle.
"It's just something I will have to look at," he said.
"There are other issues, too.
"I've got time-management issues as well."
Connolly said that Mark Gerrard would replace Tuqiri against South Africa in Sydney on Saturday, with Drew Mitchell called up to the bench.
"I feel bad," Tuqiri said.
"I've let down the fans and supporters going to (Saturday's) game.
"I'm a bit sheepish, my family, letting them down as well."
Connolly emphasised that the Wallabies had a strong senior playing group and off-field culture.
O'Neill said he had every confidence in Tuqiri bouncing back.
"These circumstances are always disappointing," O'Neill said.
"We've worked very hard to get standards of behaviour on and off the field."
Another player breath tested in the camp reported a zero reading.
Tuqiri accepted full responsibility for missing the scheduled commitments, and he was philosophical about not being reminded of them by any of his teammates.
"It comes back to me," he said.
"I take full responsibility.
"It shouldn't be in someone else hands to do something for me."
Asked whether Tuqiri had signed his new contract to remain in rugby, O'Neill said "the ink may not be dry, (but) the agreement in principal is in place".
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I didn't like the first Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and i don't know why Wu Tang fans call it a classic because it's not.
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I say nigga and i'm white
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I've heard that straight men date transsexuals. That doesn't make men gay.
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