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Default Re: London Bombings Staged....

i just found this on the aol news flash thing:

How Was Bomb Suspect Able to Flee Abroad?

The Government is to investigate how one of the suspects in the July 21 attempted bombings was able to slip out of Britain and flee to Italy, a senior minister has indicated.
Hussain Osman, accused of being the Shepherd's Bush bomber, is in custody in Rome after being captured at his brother's flat. Police are seeking his extradition under a European arrest warrant.

It is believed that 27-year-old Osman, who was born in Ethiopia, left Britain aboard a Eurostar train last Tuesday before making his way across Europe to Rome, where he was arrested by Italian police on Friday.

Reports suggested that his British passport was checked only by French immigration officials based at London's Waterloo rail terminal because outgoing British passport checks were abandoned at the station last year.

He was apparently let through despite pictures of the bombing suspects being displayed prominently at the station.

Leader of the House of Commons Geoff Hoon said the issue would be investigated.

Asked whether it was true that the passports of passengers leaving Waterloo are not checked, Mr Hoon told the BBC: "I understand that concern, and I am aware that the Home Office will be looking at that.

"Certainly in recent times there has been enhanced security for those leaving the country, as well as for those coming into the UK. It is something we must continue to look at very carefully."

Meanwhile, Osman's court-appointed lawyer, Antonietta Sonnessa, said he would fight any extradition attempt and could spend months in Italy.

Legal tussles could cause the delay, even though Scotland Yard is trying to get Osman returned under a European Arrest Warrant, a legal procedure which came into effect in Italy only last Thursday.

Ms Sonnessa said after leaving Regina Coeli prison that the highly technical legal process could take two months.

Italian authorities want to question Hussain about any possible plans for attacks there before deciding on extradition.
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