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Default Re: Roy Jones Jr. vs. Antonio Tarver

Originally Posted by Ronin
bbm, u reckon roys got fitter?

he looked awful against glen, he wasnt even counterpunching just trying to be cockey and he got dashed on his temple lol

tarver beat glen, so unless roys got his game back i think tarver will ko him again
As you age you can never get fitter. But he will be in much better conditon for sure. If ya get me. He took both them chumps easy and paid for it. Right before he got done, as he came out the round the corner men were tellin him to keep doin what he was doin, he was safe. He will remember that shit and listen to his own instincts better this time. Aye, Roys game is evasion and counter punching with a turbo charge. When he dont do that he aint the same fighter but I hink he be wiser this time and get the result over the performance. Puttin money on it defo. Odds are against him and thats when he at his best.

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