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Originally Posted by crass View Post
Yeah, I'm a snitch supporter because I don't think women should get killed/their houses burned down/branded. You are hung up on limp gangster cliches that make no sense in a rational world.
Look homie, you accused me of snitchin! You have in the past argued that it is ok to snitch, so don't try 2 act like you havent. I certainly NEVER said I think women should be killed for snitchin! Go ahead, try and find a post where I say it's ok to hurt a woman. You wont find 1. Just because I say she shouldnt have snitched. (snitching gets people killed, and their faces branded in extremely rare cases) doesnt mean I think she should have been killed u moron! Dumbass! Snitchin hurts a whole lot more than it helps and these women are a perfect example that snitchin is something u dont wanna do!

These women I refer 2 in the truth above, were assaulted, and 1 killed.
This never would have happened, if they didn't snitch. (FACT)
Again I don't agree with physically assaulting women or burning their houses down.But people know the consequences of snitchin.
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