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bis and pac =ILLEST!!!!!!
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if a song in hip hop has words in it and its dope then yes its poetry fuck all the cream bullshit u be talkin about it all comes down to whats said! 2pac for ex talked about how cops are being hella fucked up in usa and no beat or bus cream shit etc could ever enlighten someone like the messages said showing its poetry cause thats what poetry does. Im sure rza meth or anyother one would agree, go ahead and ask em if u know how too. Yes there are many forms of poetry can comparin diff styles of poetry to eachother cause theyre not the same is stupid like sayin blacks and whites arent the same when end the in theyre all humans, hip hop is a form of poetry eventhough its a diff form of poetry than ur text books say its poetry! stop over analiz. shit and see it in simple form, its easy its poetry!!
Atomic thrusts turn you into cosmic dust
Bomb ya borders with Japanese Spigot mortars
Recompose your composition to sawdust
Time is breath; breath is life; life is light
Light is no less than capital 'C' on the mic
Beneath the mirage of night I'll attack you twice
Prepare to rig a sacrifice with my ritual rights
Reinforce my habitual likes 'n dislikes
Then diss you on the mic cause I'm sick o' the hype
No one's ever written what I write
Compare they calligraphy type
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