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bowties are cool
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murkoutz shaolin monk

murks meets the deathly hallows, dodge those
my reflex is on the nth, grab some shit more powerfull
if you attempt to stop my lungs from doing their function
thats an open call for closed fisted punches to your wide open pie hole
like those iphones i do almost anything
leave mcs quivering, cyphers cant get rid of me
im like a ever recurring rod serling with similes
arsenic anthologies as lurid as bad dreams
the cream of the crop, quietest kid on the block
but will rip the shit out any nigga screaming he got
dope flow, my words roll down on you like socks
with the force of a horse kicking you dead the crotch
lotsa vim, vigor and dumb as a rock when it comes to sonnin'
if they young then they come from my jock
not gonna lie to you, in my time ive battled alotta dudes
and if tell they say they beat me its fantasy like the narnia chronicles

n/w= blimey
"abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is"

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