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Death of Spike Spiegel
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Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

niggas wonder why the style split niggas rhymes so basic
i don't live for text shit so you pricks don't get it mistaken
i'm still spittin 16's, split spleens and shake dreams quickly like crack feinds
remember the kid freestylin like i had the runs, and this is my DMC thing
you bitch made, i'm quick with the pen and a 12 gauge
so remember the threat to ya chest the next time you decide to get brave
you been afraid, you homo niggas need to remember my name
imprint it into ya brain, and copy it until you go insane
infecting ya brain, the king of bull shit text has invaded the mainframe
this art it mine, no thoughts of yours are needed to comply, certify my rhymes
i spit so quick, you wanna delete this shit, i deplete you pricks
many niggas and they fam can't believe this shit
niggas go from hype to sad and blue like a crypt, the dead kind
you steady sayin ya hits is better that my shit, so why you fear mine?
i'll tell you why. ya eyes never seem the carnation of a rap feind
i put a dark spot in ya white tee like you just had a wet dream
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