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Originally Posted by b·baby36 View Post
Personally I'm not a fan of any japanese dancehall dancers, just one

how can you make a thread without Junko??
Because I figured everyone and their mother already knows the MOST FAMOUS Japanese dancehall dancer (and arguably the most famous dancehall queen ever). Outside of Kiyo & Satono, she influenced everyone I posted in this thread thus far. I was going to post stills of her (I own about 10 DVDs that feature her afterall), but I was going to wait until after I got through lesser known ones first. For her style, she is the best at what she does from what I've seen (overall skill-wise, Kiyo is just as good as she is, but their styles are very different). That's why I avoided posting her since I doubt most outside of Japan have seen the other dancers (outside of maybe Kiyo).

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