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My favorite album, no fucking doubt. My favorite out the original four, my favorite BCC release, and my favorite album ever.

No one else in the Clik could spit like Ruck and Rock. Buck and Starang in their albsolute prime could compare, but they still could not spit not Da Irrational or Da Monstah, Mr. Inflictsor or Mr. Flippsta, Sparsky & Dutch, *include a thousand other synonyms*.

And the beats were amazing. There wasn't even a lot of Beatminerz, but they still held it down, no question (especially Shaleek, Grate Unknown is amazing, one of those beats that gives little children heart attacks if you play it in the dark).

Favorite song was Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka, but I played it straight the fuck out, so I have to go with the Grate Unknown, followed by Clans, Posses, Crews, & Cliks + Da Wiggy (Evil Dee + Mr Walt=GOT DAMN).
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