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Slippy's verses :
1 - The sharpest sword will get cut down for bein' the dullest tool in the shed-
I'm the meat Grider fucker, serving ground pussy on a bread-
Good opener, playin' the name.
Crayola Rapist Red, that's how I pen poetry for bitches-
Round two will be Deja Vu, like murder in matrix glitches-
good wordplay again.
my fist'll tear through this phony faggot n defile guts-
then pimp slap you with the shitty hand for not complyin slut-
ehhh, decent punch.
pussy smell gets me riled up- like a fat kid on food stamp day-
which is why I can't belive I'm wasting time on the hood's champ gay-
ehhh, decent again.
The sharpest sword couldn't cut me with a chain saw-
I rain heavy on the kids mind, like hannibal chewin brain raw-
when i'm done with you, the only reminents will be your stained bra.....
decent closer too.

2- Damn fucker, you rap about -dick slapping males-
I'm getting battle scars from this -bitch's scractin' nails-
decent opener.
Pussy flappin fails- That means shut your cunt lips-
your one-two line rhymes personify you as a punk bitch-
you'll get skunked quick- last round I used 11 but only needed half the bars-
and i'll still leave this battle with less than half your scars-
Sharpest Sword, you cut flesh like a baby spoon-
and i'm the bomb fucker, pop off like shrapnel through your whole platoon-
Spit fire like napalm, you'll recite my rhyme's like you praise pslams-
have you convertin' to Islam, hide'n like a bitch in a veil-
then i'll get arrested for domestic abuse when I rack your face off a rail-
i was kinda thrown off on the flow here. decent punch.
punch you in the belly and push you down the stairs-
then call you an ugly bitch and tell you i'm the only one that cares-
ehhh, decent.
Like Papa Bear, my shit is to cold for comfort-
when you drop like Goldi Locks, chokin on some cum spurts....
decent closer.

Overall, for battling someone new to the site and not havin' any dirt to dig up on 'em, it was decent. Punches were consistant, but not hard hitting it all. Kinda like you were throwin' jabs the whole time. Just a load of generic disses like, "i'll do this to you, blah blah."

Sharpest Sword :
1 - ^26 Years Old Bitch And You Still Dont Know How To Count,
Let Me Hit You With Sixteen Bars Right Quick While Your Runnin Ur Mouth,
good opener. played off the fact he didn't come with the 16 your requested.
Yup Your Time Was Wasted Writing Those Lines Cuz They Suck,
Hood's Champ Gay Wtf Are You Talking About You Gay Fuck,
.....not hard hitting.
Hit You In The Face With A Dick And You'll Probably Wake Up,
Fuck The Dullest Tool, I'll Grab The Sharpest Object To Shank Ya,
truthfully, you probably should've thrown a "no-homo" in there. ehhh, not hard hitting either, just decent.
Them Raps Were All Whack But I'll Cut You Some Slack,
Matter Of Fact My Sword'll Enter You Stomach Slowly And Budge Through Ur Back,
Touch You With Raps Or Grab Every Bar Out Of Your Verse And Bust You With That,
I'll Crush You And Smash!
really messes up the flow here, you go from a stretched line, to like...a half line. not hard hitting either.
My Flow Is Sick, Lyrics Givin You Major Headachs Intill Your Nose Gets Stiff,
You Need To Come Up With My New Stuff Cuz Dissin My Name Is The Oldest Trick,
well, what else can he diss on you, really. 23 posts? this wasn't hard hittin' either.
Dont Even Respond When I Bomb, Turn Off Your Computer And Run To Mom,
Your Team Is Nothing But Pawns, Acting Hyphy When I Come Through All Of A Sudden Their Calwm,
not hard hittin'.
why is this here? it's bragging, not a punchline.

2- charging sholdier go ahead and watch this hot shit
battlen me is like trying to get out of a mouss-pit
bad opener.
step up to the plate and you'll get tossed quick
witness the glock spit leaving your knot split
kk, you stepped up.
I bet you wished you never entered this battle
cuz my mad flows hit you so hard your back broke
where's the rhymes in this? there weren't even multis.
pussy's scared of his own shadow he needs to change the channel
one wiff of this shit keeps you lit like candels
not even a punch, really.
got you dodgin my ammo come up out of your sandels
keep them rhymes to yourself get out of line and get handel'd
ehh, you stepped up.
you dont want it with me im one with the heat
you'll run from the beef if it comes to the street
you's a chump i'll defeat and your little punks for a week
next time you come bring back up or a gun for your speach
my verbals will leave you merked in this circle
I took advange of you like mike tyson boxing steve erkul
bad closer.

Overall, wow. LOTS OF FILLER. is this was a boxing match, you were like, girlishly trying to slap slippy. not to mention, the battlefield is NO PLACE for bragging. it's all about punchlines, humor, etc. you really need to step it up.

Vote - Slippy.
Hands down, really.
Once you break this down, it's easy to see, sort of.
It was kind of a match between who sucked less in this battle. (no offense to either emcee)
Slippy really didn't need to come hard though, nor could he really come up w/ personals or the likes to really diss his opponent since he's, well, a newbie.
slippy came CONSISTENT with the punches, while like i said, they weren't hard, they were consistent.
Sword had lots of filler, bragging, and too bad of a structure, really.
stay up, both of y'all.
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