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Originally Posted by SWAMP WATER View Post
Ive taken Krav Maga,and Shaolin Kung FU. I never got the chance to become a black sash because the school closed down,which sucks.Now im currently looking for another school.Wing Chun is on my list as well as JEET KUN DO,and JAN FAN.Im looking soely based on selfdeffense,as far as getting in better shape thats a bouns.Anybody,including the thread starter got any style reconmendations let a nigga know.
I recommend that you just take Wing Chun (and not Jeet Kune Do as an additional). Bruce became the fighter that he was due to it. Almost all of the basic principles come from Wing Chun. He just added other styles flavor to it.
Originally Posted by Ironman
I've been taking Hapkido for about a year. I love it! On 8/4/07, I took my test to become a high yellow belt and I passed. It was hard as hell but it was worth it. I can take on three men in a street fight, unless one of them has a gun.
I learned techniques from the Marine Corps for that. My man'll end up with a broken arm. Mix my Wing Chun with that and he's dead.

I know several Brothers that know Capoeria. I would love to practice it. I have always been interested in Ninjitsu. When I'm ready I know that a teacher will appear.

I see we have some dangerous people here in Wu-Tang Corps. Thanks for sharing.

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