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Yay, I caused this thread!!!!!!!!

I practice Wu Dang Xin Yi Liuhe.

It is a very practical demanding art. No high kicks or anything...alot of elbows and knees. We don't spar because sparring causes a conflict of interest- how can you practice fighting which is to hurt an opponent, when you primary interest is not to seriously hurt the person? Also, we believe forming a habit of stopping short or holding back isn't good.

We do alot of body conditioning and it is quite incredible what a body can take when conditioned....this also is aparently good to build the agression (as is hurts).

A xing yi strike should kill or it hasn;t been trained right. Therefore we tend more toward very pentrating, unstoppable strikes....rather than many fast strikes.

Personally, I don't think there are many arts left that are totally practical. Most have fallen victim to looking good, the impatience of the practiitioners etc. Xin Yi is beautiful in that it hasn't. It is so plain and boring to the extent it turns most people off it.

There is a Chinese saying about Xing Yi:

"Ugly to look at, but good to use"

Obviously Wu Tang influenced my doing it. Basically I got sick of Karate and Shaolin etc coz I didn't feel they would take me to the level I wanted. I wanted to be able to take down people bigger than me, people with weapons, multiple opponents with some level of confidence.

I have never seen power like GOOD xin yi. (I say that with the warning there is alot of bad xin yi around). It is an internal art which means it is subtle and uses the ENTIRE body's weight when striking...doing this naturally isn't easy.
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