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I would go for vanity too.

I hate superficiality, and ignorance and also pride....since pride stops one from examining themselves objectively. I may come accross strong with my opinions at times...but there are times when one of you hit me with something I can't answer...and I seriously take it away and reexamine my views. An inability to do that causes such ignorance in all areas.

But vanity is bad. Women these days especially are hopeless. I know guys are too. But you get these women who don't want to be treated like a piece of meat.....if you really want that then develope your fucking mind so a man can respect you for it. Women like to use sex to get the attention when they want it....but still expect resepct without out earning it....

One thing I hate lately is falsehood. Doing something for the appearance of doing it, not for actually doing it. Eg. People who go to the gym coz the feel good coz they went, rather than actually acheiving results. Martial arts that look good rather than being effective. People that read to appear smart rather than learn.

I see it in hip hop too. Knowledge has become a fucking gimmick. Alot of bimbos like to make out they into knowledge etc...when the reality is they don't do the work in books, thinking, learning, re-evaluating.

This facade that seems everywhere in society is one thing that makes me feel like strangling people.

But in short....I think bimbos who waste their lives without learning, place superficial things as their prioirities are among the worst people in the world. Especially in the western world where we have so many opportunities.
Wisdom is better than rubies and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it
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