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Originally Posted by SubtleEnergies View Post
Obviously Wu Tang influenced my doing it. Basically I got sick of Karate and Shaolin etc coz I didn't feel they would take me to the level I wanted. I wanted to be able to take down people bigger than me, people with weapons, multiple opponents with some level of confidence.

I have never seen power like GOOD xin yi. (I say that with the warning there is alot of bad xin yi around). It is an internal art which means it is subtle and uses the ENTIRE body's weight when striking...doing this naturally isn't easy.
Yeah. Wing Chun was designed by two women. It was to defeat Shaolin. Being women they couldn't afford to block those powerful blows, so they developed a very potent art that anyone could use. We are told to not think as men when we use this art cause we are to be as silk and steel. It's almost like 'Fist of the White Lotus." The Navy Seals and Swat train in it in this area. My teacher's class mates trained them.

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