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I’m droppin this for the populace inside my spiritual metropolis/
lyrical mafias, Hoffas and Khadafis which spit lava so obvious/
Hip Hop lobbyists whose hobby is craftin bars far above par/
jars of stardust marred with tar mold emboldened avatars/
speak life thru they existent art imparted from many distant parts/
in instants persistence manifests monarchs, princes and czars/
no assistance for the shadiness, my babies strayed me from the craziness/
I now avoid the outer radius of a argumentative athiest/
those close minded homo sapiens scared of Jews and Arabians/
I choose a faith in which came from the southern Mediterraneans/
my mouthpiece is heinious, I spit radiance straight out the craniums/
my album is solid titanium while I’m aimin straight for palladiums/
I mainly come to have the life of a Man like Christ at half the price/
get high as satellites twice as I ignite White Owls wit candle lights/
I’ll sacrifice a Saxon knight, rebuke Sadducees and Catholic whites/
I travels light on passive flights, but I’ll set up shop in the afterlife/
ignore traffic lights whenever I choose to soar at massive heights/
it ain’t ignorance of sight, it’s just the type of plight I hafta fight/
pass the sight of anutha life destroyed, replacement souljahs deployed/
youngstas are employed dealin granite inside of the trapezoid/
I've toyed wit the notion to avoid creatin such explosive noise/
I did enjoy the silence but violence is what preserves my poise/
void paranoid delusion, visions of a pair of boys diluted/
from the exploits of intrusions mixed wit media pollutions/
it was me and Michael Borum, we cyphered daily at the forum/
but separation tore em, so distant memories I store em/
ignore em til I’m explorin my past history thru flow/
remembrance of Marion and tenth, when we was ballin in the cold/
joe, I hope he remember me, cuz there’s plenty me to go around/
reminisce whenever he blow a pound, I know he cleverly hold it down/
and drown in the recollections of the essence of our adolescence/
but even if you don’t remember me just don’t forget my message...
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