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Originally Posted by sidious_katana View Post
The word sin does not have to automatically register as something to do with religon, a sin is a crime against humanity, so if one does not believe in sin, he does not believe anything he does is wrong (mentality of all the serial killers, paedos, and rapists), and if he does not believe anything is wrong, the possibilities of the horrors that person could cause is limitless, which is utterly unacceptable in a world of civilized intelligent human beings. Hell is for another discussion this discussion is about “sin” (a crime, a evil fault, an unjust action), don’t be led astray by the word sin, its just another word used to describe evil and malice…so iam sure you believe in sin (evil).
If you read my post you would see that I am not the kind of person you are referring to here.

Furthermore, you can't generalize all serial killers, pedos, and rapists as being people with no sense of right and wrong. There are lots of complex psychological problems and experiences that motivate such actions.
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