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Originally Posted by SubtleEnergies View Post
I wanted to practice it. My teacher is well known for Chi Kung (Sun Dafa).

However, after reading a lot and talking to senior students who train with him I came to the conclusion alot of it is bullshit, or simply skills trained mundanely....

Now, iron body is a form of hard chi kung...but there is nothing "mystical" in it. Anyone with iron body has actually trained the body for it (it may involve breathing and visualisation, but these alone won't do it). And I have seen people in my class do techniques often attributed to chi and explain the training for them.

In all cases the training is HARD and GRADUAL. It isn't from some mystical energy....

And BLACK WISDOM, the I Ching is great...stare at those symbols till they make sense .../

Also, the muscle change was brought by Tamo to Shaolin. Tamo was Indian (RZA says Dravidian), and it wouldn't surprise me at all if these practices originated in KMT, especially after seeing some of the pictures in the PRT M HERU.
I'm training and conditioning my body with my art. It hurts and it's tiresome, but if I have to land one on someone I better be ready to talk to the police or run from the murder scene. I know where you're coming from. I'm very interested in metaphysics but the more introspective actualized type.

I'll continue to pick up my I Chung book.

I've read some papers on the development and migration of the arts from Africa to Asia. When I look at the structure of the Mystery System universities I see a close mirror in Shaolin, etc. We all know that geography influences culture, so you will see those distinct changes and variations cause art has to remain practical.

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