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I appreciate the props. It ain't me, it's Jah in me. I'm in the process of recording, I just wanna make sure it's flawless before I put it out there. Here go a short gem:

Lyrical Levitical:
I need to write sumthin--to try sumthin new and triumphant/
I’m comfortable in conversation, yet my company’s like nuthin/
my compass points up north like joints, my aura borders callous/
abhor malice, study Torahs in my palace, shine like Aurora Borealis/
thunder rumbles over Yukon tundra, I mumble street sermons/
dedicated to the escalated, the rest can take suburban excursions/
they pack up at night and white flight to the quite cosmopolitan/
but the hypes is followin, hollerin for tolerance to wallow in/
swallowin knowledge and walkin rhythms of the wisdom of Solomon/
envision the sovereign, I’m fatherin moderate modern conglomerates/
marryin revolutionaries that swing lower than sweet chariots/
sangin canaries is as scary as a variance of aryans carryin lariats/
contrarions alienate humanitarians from local to global epochs/
these rocks got clucks like ewoks in knee socks, reeboks, needin detox/
why don’t we walk wit God like Enoch, I’m tryna bypass death/
but til my last breath I’m left in the cleft of this mess, refusin to rest...
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