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Originally Posted by Urban_Journalz View Post
Personally, the first time I learned Chi Kung was from a book. In fact I'm still learning from a book, so it all depends on who wrote the book and how well you can learn from a book.

For example, the author of my first book tells us that it's best to start off with both moving Nai Dan and regular Nai Dan Chi Kung, because this will help the muscles store Chi and get used to the feeling of Chi. Then later on, move to Wei Dan (Mental) Chi Kung because it's more advanced.

Personally, I've been able to switch back and forth from both or them because I've never found either one particualarly difficult.

So it depends on you really.

One of the books that I have on traditional Shaolin Gong-Fu teaches a few Shaolin Chi-Kung routines also and they're laid down in much greater detail that the first book that I just mentioned.

So shop around and know yourself also.
The 1st lesson is always Know Thyself. I know people who practice it so I'll ping them and check out some books to read when I get home. Thak you for the advice.

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