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Originally Posted by blackwisdom View Post
It depends on the SiFu. My teacher is disciplined in 7 Martial Arts and holds senior rank (if not top rank) in all of them. There's a Master in Va Beach that teaches animal styles and Wing Chun. He's skilled and capable so his school would be ideal. Check out the school and the SiFu's credentials first. One who's highly skilled is one art is just as good as one who's highly skilled in several.

There's a proverb that says, "I respect not a man that practices a thousand techniques one time but I respect a man that practices one technique a thousand times."

Whatever you're ready and willing to discipline yourself in it'll reveal itself to you. One thing though. If you want to practice Wing Chun be prepared to deal with what it takes to become skilled in it.

Take care
I live in Chicago.Whats the best way to find teachers with the best credentials,and what should I look out for?
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