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Originally Posted by Os3y3ris View Post
Learn two styles initially. Learn a striking style and a grappling style. Follow that up with filling in the gaps in those styles. For example, should you know classic muay thai and brazilian jiujitsu, add boxing so you can punch competently and wrestling or judo to improve your takedowns. Its about being complete and well rounded. You can specialize, but if you can't do a certain style of fighting at all, you will most certainly lose.
That's exactly what I'm doing. I think muay thai is a great martial art for anyone. It's excellent conditioning, and it's real practical shit. But i'm also doing boxing to strengthen my punches. and i'm doing savate cuz muay thai really lacks kicking (except knees). Savate teaches me to be more light on my feet and to throw some quick but painfully accurate kicks. we aim for things like kidneys, kneecaps, calfs, and other places that'd be damaging.

I haven't done any grappling or jiujitsu though. Jun Fan teaches me the self-defence i need, but i'd like to do jiujitsu. The guys that know their shit are amazing.
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