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Here go a piece called "Pure Bread"

1st verse:
I can’t seem to quench this worst case of a thirst taste/
I been searchin for first place inside this cursed race/
this deserted place is as dry as the skull of a bull/
the pull of the unknown wasteland attracts the gullible/
my mind is full of sand dunes attuned to the asphalt/
as for my thoughts, they caught in cobwebs in the vault/
faultlines in the Elk's Heart split the wicked terrain apart/
spit from the heart, take all art wit a grain of salt/
I talked wit teachers taught and stalked wit bengal tigers/
the sabre-tooth incisors shine like sunrays offa mica/
I’ve fought forces and walked courses wit Trojan horses/
had long chats wit infamous voices and made choices/
drank poisons, heightened the effect wit dank ointments/
made appointments wit friends that end in disappointment/
every emotion I’ve experienced, from fear to weariness/
experiments wit bliss and death’s kiss near the abyss/
pains appear in my wrists, it’s too much cuz I got too little/
each day’s an unsolvable riddle against the devil wit no fiddle/
the middle of the Sahara, my soul arid from internal strife/
I courted death twice and since been sentenced to eternal life...

This here is passion in the midst of famine/
imagine dry air in yo lungs while you gaspin/
graspin handfuls of sand that's been thrashin/
ration water from the river life everlastin...

I can envision Eden risin upon the horizon like Oz/
I dodge Pharisees' lodge in camel-haired camoflauge/
I trod across this sod, approachin the utopian mirage/
just a demigod son of man lost inside the synagogue/
I got no entourage wit me to await my fiery chariot/
live life at the end of a lariat like I was Judas Iscariot/
nightly prayin--since the Son is comin, find me waitin/
timely patience wit temptations, get behind me, satan/
I wonder how His hurtin tore the temple curtain asunder/
murders at the hands of Boagernes, Sons of Thunder/
I rant and rave to raise Hebrew slaves from they graves/
I crave the initiative to act on my thoughts that’s brave/
forty days, forty nights, shake in fright while terror looms/
carry my burden in a land as barren as Sarah’s womb/
very soon I may be doomed, dead wit my head severed/
but never to be forgotten cuz my spirit speaks forever...

I’m Jeremiah, I’m Elijah, I’m Noah befo the flood/
reflect light like twin cateyes, I been baptized in blood/
I’ve swam in streams of solitude, now all I do is thirst/
I hunger for companionship, I’m damaged and I’m cursed/
banished from villages, fulfill prophecy in the wilderness/
I made a pilgrimage to hell and I fell to the villainous/
scorned by supercilious, beneath this cloak is brilliance/
I'm filled wit resilience, may my message reach millions/
I’m filled wit the Bread of life, but I fast to keep focus/
I curb the urge to splurge, swallow honey wit my locusts/
lay my head wit scorpions, sleep’s evasive, I’m forcin it/
fortunate odds from the God of dreams like Morpheus/
proportionate to my pain, I see Herodians wit guillotines/
warriors repeatin screams from prison corridors in my dreams/
a martyr machine, grieved, but I'll never ever shed tears/
faith versus fear, Jah revealed my purpose in these years/

...this here is passion in the midst of famine/
imagine dry air in yo lungs while you gaspin/
graspin handfuls of sand while it's thrashin/
ration water from the river life everlastin...
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