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Dr Sleepwalker
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Dr Sleepwalker iron monkeyDr Sleepwalker iron monkeyDr Sleepwalker iron monkeyDr Sleepwalker iron monkey


Doctor Sleepwalker,.. the Ganja,.. the Rasta sheep farmer../
I lost my peace,.. whats to eat? ..speed to the meat harbour/
confused and conclusive,.. my fuse is abusive../
Don't touch it,'ll crush it, I don't want to do this/
The trust is clue-less, ..wounds have a lust for the Q-tips/
Peroxide burnin'... that healthy pain.. /
Inside's turnin'... but outside there's deadly rain/
A friendly game?? ... why is there angry faces with steady aim?/
A hungry focus with heavy shame...../
I've been dead since the Chevy came../

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