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Hey, Black, if you ever wanna build on the I Ching hit me up.

Yeah...we condition by for example hitting our forearms against another persons and building up. No joke some of the guys I train with could pretty much take a baseball bat on the arms. Xin Yi was also meant to take on weapons so I guess that's why it is so empashised. We also do chest, back, stomach, legs....basically every where.

With my arms...they actually rarely bruise any more unless I go EXTREMELY hard. But in the period where they did bruise I also got tired. I assume that's just the body recovering.

I never realized all the years I did karate that my arms and hands actually coulnd't handle me hitting someone as hard as I could.

I am currently a bit sceptical on alot of "Chi" stuff....not all but I find there is a huge correlation between the amount of magic powers promised by a teacher and the amount of books or stuff they want to sell.
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