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I riddle beats wit the disease of the middle east/
it’s called war and it’s the core of the city streets/
I pray for peace while the city sleeps on shitty sheets/
caged like a beast but I didn’t cease to shepherd many sheep/
dreams of leather seats in Regencies turned to revolution/
I worked on my execution and paid all my restitution/
I made my evolution and grew into a perfecter of units/
a trifecta of music, lyrics and spirits gets you into it/
intuitively I do it simply for the use of wisdom/
similes and metaphors, I take credit for euphemisms/
losin vision from the fumes arisen from many sorceries/
followed the course of leaves and fell pell mell and disorderly/
but still compelled my bolder seeds well into the ovaries/
cordially I wrote poetry, that I recorded accordingly/
quarterly–-many soldiers would then report to me/
any evidence of whore-mongering or forgery/
from those formerly informed of my earthly mission/
I thought my worse affliction was to curb my herb addiction/
hit the prison grounds and found that was the purest fiction/
I endured the friction once enrolled in a jury’s jurisdiction/
then I learned the difference between a need and a want/
beef from the front gate leads to days chiefin on blunts/
grievin for months, but once one realizes elevation of health/
rather than chasin the wealth I found a revelation of self...
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