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Originally Posted by Durag View Post
It is a Wu classic for sure tho
fair enough if you think so, but i think just because wu fans like it doesn't make it a classic album...

without trying to go off topic... the only bonafied classic wu albums are 36 chambers and cuban linx... the only others that are even remotely close to this status are liquid swords and supreme clientele...

i know people will have a wu list of about 50 albums including forever and ironman, etc but the harsh reality is they aren't classics... for instance forever sold thousands and thousands of copies on the back of the success of 36 chambers, NOT JUST on the quality of the album itself... note how their sales dropped after this album... forever was the beginning of the end of their sales... it had big plans, but didn't have the impact commercially or socially of a genuine classic...

heavy mental falls into this category... a very good, even great conceptual album... one of the best under the wu logo... but far from classic...
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