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Originally Posted by Chrism70 View Post
Asalaam Alikum to my Muslim Brothers out there

Now I am going to be lynched for this but..................I am holding off buying The Offering cause I want the Robot Tank album soooooooooo much.

These tracks are FIRE!!!!

Better than The Offering tracks I have heard so far.

OK................prepare the rope and find me a tree!!
Whatever, how can 2 songs be better than an album with heat, i can match those 2 songs with 2 other songs off the album, Robot Tank should get an album out then we compare, cos lyrically he aint as nice as Priest, he spits but he really aint saying nothing, thier metaphors are pretty good, but tank is caught up with animals, its like he watches the animal channels to pick up words for his next ryhme.
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