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My Favorite Gangstarr album has always been 'Step In The Arena'

1.Name Tag (Premier And The Guru)

The Originals - Fantasy Interlude

2.Step In The Arena

Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns - Four Play

Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns - Blow A Toot For Me, A Toot For You

Thunder & Lightning - Bumpin' Bus Stop

Ballin' Jack - Never Let 'em Say (Horns)

3.Form Of Intellect

Maceo & All The King's Men - Better Half

4.Execution Of A Chump (No More Mr. Nice Guy Part 2)

Pointer Sisters - Dont It Drive You Crazy

5.Who's Gonna Take The Weight?

Maceo & The Macks - Party (Part 1)

Kool & The Gang - Who's Gonna Take The Weight?

6.Beyond Comprehension

The Blackbyrds - Wilford's Gone

The Band - Up On Cripple Creek

7.Check The Technique

Marlena Shaw - California Soul (Drums)

8.Love Sick

Young-Holt Unlimited - Ain't There Something Money Can't Buy

The Delfonics - Trying To Make A Fool Of Me

Ohio Players - Pain

Ohio Players - Never Had A Dream

9.Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Billy Cobham - Crosswind

Funkadelic - You'll Like It Too (Drums)

10.Game Plan

11.Take A Rest

The Meters - Funky Miracle

Kool & The Gang - Give It Up (Drums)

Sugar Hill Gang - Rappers Delight

Marvin Gaye - T Plays It Cool

Curtis Mayfield - Right On For The Darkness

Esg - UFO

12.What You Want This Time?
James Brown - Nose Job

13.Street Ministry
Billy Cobham - Leaward Winds

14.Just To Get A Rep

Jean Jacques Perrey - E.V.A

15.Say Your Prayers

The Blackbyrds - Wilford's Gone

16.As I Read My S-A
Kole & Param - Easy To Be Hard

17.Precisely The Right Rhymes
Leo Sawyer - Magdelina
Brethren - Outside (Drums)

18.Meaning Of The Name
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