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Originally Posted by J.T.S. View Post
You'll fly like a bird..or get chirped pronto..
Kicking masterful rhymes from here to Oslo
Cats gotta travel through time to be top Honcho
It's obvious.. I'm the man like Mr. Macho
Real nasty like finding worms in your Taco


All you talk about are guns & drugs, then your brain's vacant
Only time you move a pounds when you're weight-training
Still impressive with the flow, so they stay gazing
Wrecking cats from head to toe, shoulda came blazing..
..All that ammo that you hype in your tracks
Better than me? You must be smoking pipes full of crack
You leave a temporary mark.. mine's gonna last
Looking for a place to make your name while I put mine on the map

"..Used to be an Atheist until I learned my true potential.."
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