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Originally Posted by NickyTooch View Post
As I have read more about Lucid Dreaming, i realize that I have had lucid dreams before....I used to keep a dream journal for a while...anyone interested in reading some of them?
this post is NO JOKE...I swear to you all. Its about 3:29 how and I just awoke from what I percieved as a lucid dream at 3:17.
I thought I had had one before, and maybe I did but didn't remember it but this was pretty cool. I was dreaming about some pretty random stuff. I was on a two story house, and an unknown friend jumped from it onto a deck and broke it, then I was in a bus a la the movie speed and saw the same busdriver named 'Sam' from the movie shot in that same scene....then i believe i entered my lucid dream state...
It was pitch black and I felt myself in my bed, only distorted a bit. Then I began to move my hands and they were in dark blue outline against the pitch black backdrop. I felt power like i could control anything, so I began shooting electric bolds out of my hands like raiden from mortal combat...
While doing this, I remember yelling 'I AM BENEVOLENT!'....then I began to open my eyes in my lucid dream state and color emerged on to me. As I opened my eye, it looked like another eye looking at me...very tiger like.
After this I felt strong hurricane force winds from my right side on my face. They were so forceful, I had to fight to keep my head in place, even attempting to turn the fan to low and even off, but soon overcame them. Funny thing is, I had a small fan blowing on my head on the right side of me tonite I use on hot nights.
After that I felt myself back on my bed, sleeping on my back. I remember saying to myself, '
Am I sleeping? HOw come I am so tired as if I haven't slept...I heard my roomate coughing, and I heard a faint whisper say something like,'everything will be alright.'
After this, it was like I awoke out of the stage of lucid dream into complete balance....I felt my exact physical presence in my bed, felt my fan blowing lowly, and my body laying on its back. I was still sleeping tho, and I know it. I heard my roomate again in the bathroom, coughing...perhaps this was the lucid dream state?
Then foolishly I opened my eye, much like I did before, but this time I was a wake. But I did not feel tired like before...I felt completely rested and refreshing. That was 3:17 am EST, Cleveland, Ohio.
ANd here I am.....
ANy thoughts or comments...this is no BS. I actually was trying to do this tonite after reading all this and other things. I have always had vivid dreams that I remembered and thought about so I knew I had experienced them, but just never realized it, and instead of being frightened, I embraced it and realize what was goign on.
It was quite an experience, but now Im sleepy and need to get back to bed, gotta get up in 3 hours...
Peace, hope to get some feedback.
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