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Originally Posted by blackwisdom View Post
I understand but just don't agree. For a moment you put me in mind of the puppet masters that attempt to comtrol this world (I'm not dissing though, please don't get my words confused). It almost sounds like one of the Greek thoughts that when you die nothing happens.

Do you consider yourself to be a sort of Athiest, or do you just want to plain and simple define yourself on your own merits?

Oh, and when I say "righteous self" I just mean having consciousness of good and bad and consciously leaning over to the good side. I may talk complicated some times but everything is really basic and simple to me.
By definition, I am an atheist, for I believe in no god. Furthermore, I don't believe in any sort of supernatural things at all. The entire concept that there are things that somehow defy the laws of physics is beyond logic. If such things existed, it would not even be logical for humans to perceive them since our senses operate within the plane of material reality.

I live by a set of "moral" conduct based on what I understand will benefit me within my society and also based on how I would like others to treat me, however I believe that concepts of "good" and "bad, "right" and "wrong" are entirely relative and exist only within human perception. Obviously, there are values that are cross-cultural, and these are beliefs that generally benefit human societies by large.
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