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Originally Posted by Cthulhu View Post
By definition, I am an atheist, for I believe in no god. Furthermore, I don't believe in any sort of supernatural things at all. The entire concept that there are things that somehow defy the laws of physics is beyond logic. If such things existed, it would not even be logical for humans to perceive them since our senses operate within the plane of material reality.

I live by a set of "moral" conduct based on what I understand will benefit me within my society and also based on how I would like others to treat me, however I believe that concepts of "good" and "bad, "right" and "wrong" are entirely relative and exist only within human perception. Obviously, there are values that are cross-cultural, and these are beliefs that generally benefit human societies by large.
Thanks for sharing that.

My concept of God is completely within the confines of science and what can be proven. The earliest civilizations (which I study and model my concepts from) simply observed creation and related to it in a pure sense. From their descriptions and explinations we get the stories of creation, etc. The way that it was taught to me was that this is for the children. The science behind the stories is for the adults. Many people get lost in the stories and never pick up the science behind them.

I won't go too far with that thought, I just wanted to share. I'm not mad at your reality at all. I just can't except the concept that there is no divine order to creation.

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