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Originally Posted by TAURO, DA GRIM LATIN View Post
I was playing this album at the store yesterday, I was quite suprised by how decent the production was. Lyrically I thought they where weak but no worse than a lot of rappers out there, I will say that it's miles better than Freemurdas shitty album.
True, I feel the same way after listening to it.

These Ice Water guys are pretty much thug rappers and yet they don't possess the imagery in their lyrics like Rae. I don't know what it is but they just don't stand out.

Theres not alot of charisma there with them.

I mean, I gotta be in the mood for music like this...

but yeah the production is on point. I expected more from that 36 Mafia collab but the joint with Rick Ross surprised me.

Average album that can def. be forgotten... maybe pulled up years later for 20 minutes of reflection and thats about it.
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