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Originally Posted by Slippy Capalini View Post
Who told you super natural thing defy laws of physics?

If such things existed, wouldn't it be fair to assume that we could percieve them?

And if this was so, why would super naturals things reveal them selves to you when you refuse to aknowledge their existence?

Just because I don't reply to everybody's posts doesn't mean i'm not reading them. Couldn't you apply that concept to your philosphy on the non-existent supernaturals?
"Supernatural" by definition means that it's beyond what is natural. If gods, ghosts, demons, etc. were explainable by physical phenomena, the term "supernatural" no longer applies.

If there are things that defy the very matter and physical laws that make up existence, then our sensory organs would have no way of perceiving them since they operate though natural phenomena.

Why would I care if they reveal themselves to me? That's their perogative if they want to show themselves. If I were a "supernatural being" I would want skeptics to know I exist and explain why I can somehow operate in their plane of reality while defying its physical laws. Why is it that "gods" and "angels" seem to reveal themselves to unquestioning sheep who are willing to believe in vague fancies and unfounded delusions?

I suppose it's possible for something to exist outside our own faculty of awareness, but if so, it's fairly futile to make a guess at what that thing would be. People try to justify the existence of gods or souls, or whatever as things beyond human comprehension. If that's what it is, then why are you trying to pin it down under a human definition?

Obviously I can't be 100% sure the supernatural is nonexistant, but things that are unfalsifiable are also unprovable. It's existence isn't important enough to me if it's impossible to prove it true or false. Maybe one day we'll have the knowledge to decode such things, but until then I don't care about it.
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