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Default Re: ever watch Hardwood Classic throwback games on NBATV?

damn, i should've taped it...never thought about that until i just saw your post. when i saw it on the tv listings, i knew it was probably that game...its legendary. afterwards, bird said "...that was God disguised as Michael Jordan!". dennis johnson did the best job on jordan that time he blocked MJ straight up on a fadeaway! another time he stripped him from the top of the key...odd considering that is considered to be one of the greatest individual perfomances ever. still, jordan ran shit and found ways to score. he was only 23 then...
i forget the other games that i've seen...i saw another MJ game, i think it was either '92, or '93, in the eastern conference final against the knicks at madison square garden. scottie pippen had a pretty game back then...his game was like Common's flow; just smooth and graceful.
id like to see a magic johnson game on there...
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