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Originally Posted by LHX View Post

but telling a lie and animalistic 'deception' are 2 completely different things

do eternal beings have a innate desire to spread a seed?

some people suggest that death is the price you pay for busting a nut

i agree with what you say about lifetime bonds
i disagree with the notion of 'innate desires'

you touch on a few different things here

there is reason to believe that children dont really 'want' anything more than a experience

a child wants to experience playing a nintendo because it appears to be stimulating and can seem to be a life-enhancing benefit

which reduces your analogy to a question of whether it is standard for a person to want to do/feel better in their existence

to which the answer is yes

(but i see your point
clever marketing can make something appear that it will make life better even tho it doesnt
so this coveting is still based on a flawed perception
which has its roots in lies)
There's no such thing as an eternal being.

Whoever told you it was "wrong" or you'll be punished for busting a nut is a delusional tool.

Throw all that bull shit out and just enjoy the only life you have.
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