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i'll send savages packin with what i'm packin in my jacket
that will stop your wack rappin and will leave your mind absent.
stop yappin you jaw b4 i start clappin
cause a few rds of "applause" will put a puase on yo lipp flappin
b4 you know what happened you'll b rubbin your head askin for asprin
untill u you get a grasp of my unabashed passion
a viscious tongue lashing like thunder crashing from 2 titans crashing
ususally i'm rappin to keep yall asses laughin
but when i comes to battlin i can quickly flip and get to snappin
like the claws of the crabs livin on the hairs of ya girls labia.
repeadly stabbin ya wreakin havoc on the vocabular
bringin the pain like nurse ratchet snatchin out yo bladders catheter
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