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Alesco grasshopper

best thread on this site yet. much respect kid!

Short n to tha point that a be kickin, just like when a waz lickin ya sisters button/
She was screamin and cummin like tha ocean waves crashin on tha rocks under ma cock
which she waz rubbin while she be gaspin for air, cuz a be givin her some rare pussy care
which aint fair cuz she be nice with her legs in tha fuckin air but like a said yo its rare for this girl cuz she aint neva had it like this before, like a night mare but the pare o tittys be jumpin like jack frost, keepin tha funk on her pussy wi ma mutha fuckin cock
she loves it yo, she wants it yo, she got it yo. Ahh fuck it she a hoe.

Just thought a would join in to this thread. yo thanks to tha kid who started this thread.
it waz clever and very well much respect!

Its all in you kid
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