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Originally Posted by Slippy Capalini View Post
Spooks in the sky?

Who told you the sky was spooky?

Don't be afraid.
Afraid of what? How can I fear what I don't believe in? I used the term "spook" as an insulting euphemism for supernatural entities some people might hold sacred.

Obviously I fear what every other human fears: death, the unknown, helplessness in a chaotic world, etc. The difference is that I don't need fairy tales to help me cope with it. Instead I rely on skeptical inquiry, humanitarian philosophy, a healthy dose of cyncism and absdurdism, and - most importantly - creativity. I am a writer and I like to create works of art. I like to experience life and comment on it. I like to tell stories or provoke thought. That's how I derive meaning out of an existence that is essentially absurd.

Fuck your gods, demons, angels, spirits, whatever. They have no will over my individuality. Only my upbringing, environment, and psychological makeup control my path in life.
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