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yeah i don't know where the signup deadline was posted. if there was one. but sha didn't even sign up. but on the other hand the submission deadline is like 3 days from now.

honestly i think a topic and submission deadline should be posted at the beginning and let the contest be open to everyone. that way yuou are only late if you don't have your sig ready by the deadline.

so what i'm saying is Dusk...lets change the rules and open the battle to everyone and just cut it off on the 23rd 12am. then set up a poll to see who wins. give the poll a week. while we are waiting for battle 1 results we start battle 2. and so on and so on. we'll let Rock choose battle 2 topic then winner of battle 1 will choose topic 3. this way we will have a constant battle in here.

that seems so cool to me. to know at any moment you can log on and compete in a sig battle.

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