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Originally Posted by Prophet Picasso View Post
He reflects light like cateyes, in his essence we been baptized/
he gives the weak bad vibes, shinin bright within the black skies/
he operates in cycles, bein reborn every twenty seven days/
he's never fazed by the devil's face cuz he stays in heaven's haze/
he prays to the sun, the swaying waves come from his gravitation/
some say men walked on his face and we come from his habitation/
propaganda exacerbation, Hebrew nation, this view is beautiful/
funerals is too unusual, even at noon the moon's view is superluminal...

Next word - Transfiguration...

My VIBE SHINES thru pages of myspaces..raizin amazin lyrical blazes defacin soul property..
holes probably open in ya whole artery..deep bleedin, Im proceedin readin WU-SEASONS..
BOOK of ILLNESS.. manz rippin stages..Im flippin pages...grippin 8's + 1..
what son? duck from..anger from clipz..pagans get wipped..Im hangin u quick..bangin this ISH.!
WUCORP DEADLYVENOM..suuuuuu..yall ready? Im endin.. the BS..with realness Im ILL kid..
Handz givin WU JUDGES..UFK sum KLUKLUXES..FLAVOR is what My FAM givin NATIONS...!
ONCE yall LISTEN.. be like DAMN give me CASES.! (of ya cds!) WorldWIDE Transfiguration!!.

NW (

Last Word Cypha /

Now AtotheC
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