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Hex-Ray (verse two):
So many question marks but there’s hardly exclamations/
there’s no explanations for these excessive excavations/
too many excuses to exercise unwise experimentation/
pagans exchangin information to exit the exploitation/
recently I’ve exponentially exceeded all expectations/
I’ve exacted mad examinations wit such exhilaration/
may we exterminate hate and exhaustive exaggeration/
exhibit needed expedience in our tedious exhortations/
I excrete excellence, a Nephilim exhaling expletives/
my extreme execution’s labeled exceptionally executive/
expose excrement, oppose exorcists who never get the blame/
I can't explain these extremely insane thangs I exclaim/
I lived my life in exile, excommunicated from my lands/
made a exodus from Egypt to experience a new expanse/
got extradited and extracted from my original existence/
now I express my expertise wit such swift exquisiteness/
my every single excerpt's entirely exclusive and expensive/
you can't explore my music or exhume it, it's too extensive/
I exemplify extravagance and exude excitement in stanzas/
an expert til I expire, I perspire extraordinary extravaganzas/
exacerbate heathens, aggravate demons, exhort minds to think/
I'm exempt from explicity, you thought my kind was extinct/
I'm finna explode if I don't ever exert this extra energy/
I found a remedy for this excruciatin pain in my extremities/
take my hurtin on excursions, so far away I'm expellin it/
I learned to expend the external to expedite my exoskeleton/
I no longer exalt exterior criteria, or praise exotic exports/
that's excludin this example of extraterrestial rhymes I extort...
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