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Originally Posted by chiba View Post
hold UP!!

yo man if u want serious reggae hit up yokohama!!
i met up with mighty crown there...those guys have dub plates for dayz!!!
they are the coolest soundcrew out there

ive been to many beach parties in kobe...and theres some serious reggae dancers there

theres a club called unity where most dancehall competitions happen
you should check out lovemilk battyrider and foxybullman
check out one & G productions coz they be the top dogs in dancehall comps and stuff

hands down junko was the one who came through fro japan years ago
winnin dem dancehall comps in jamaica

i posted a similar thread like 2 years ago and it didnt get much attention
I co-sign everything you've posted. Many of the dancers I've posted in this thread are/were signed to one and g productions (I own all of their DVDs).

I live in Japan, but have only been in Tokyo a handful of times. Club Unity is tight. I've seen a few of these dancers do their thing live.

I remember back in 2001 when I was just learning about the reggae scene in Japan (prior to that, I only knew about the hip-hop, pop, and rock scene here). Nowadays, reggae scene is one of the most exciting in my opinion.

I have quite a bit of mixtapes from Mighty Crown. They're not only dope DJs, but excellent producers as well. You probably already know about them, but you should check out Papa B or Fireball. Mighty Crown produces for them.

By the way, since you're very familiar with the dance scene is appears, who is your favorite Japanese dancer? Although Junco and Kiyo are certainly the most famous from Japan, my favorite is Erika. All her moves are really precious, Erika's dance choreography is dope, I love the way she comes across in interviews, and her body is amazing. Only seen her perform live twice, but I got a lot of her on DVD.

Sidenote: Humanface is an attention seeker who was seriously abused as a child. We shouldn't pay him much mind.

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