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Originally Posted by hide1998 View Post
I co-sign everything you've posted. Many of the dancers I've posted in this thread are/were signed to one and g productions (I own all of their DVDs).

I live in Japan, but have only been in Tokyo a handful of times. Club Unity is tight. I've seen a few of these dancers do their thing live.

I remember back in 2001 when I was just learning about the reggae scene in Japan (prior to that, I only knew about the hip-hop, pop, and rock scene here). Nowadays, reggae scene is one of the most exciting in my opinion.

I have quite a bit of mixtapes from Mighty Crown. They're not only dope DJs, but excellent producers as well. You probably already know about them, but you should check out Papa B or Fireball. Mighty Crown produces for them.

By the way, since you're very familiar with the dance scene is appears, who is your favorite Japanese dancer? Although Junco and Kiyo are certainly the most famous from Japan, my favorite is Erika. All her moves are really precious, Erika's dance choreography is dope, I love the way she comes across in interviews, and her body is amazing. Only seen her perform live twice, but I got a lot of her on DVD.

Sidenote: Humanface is an attention seeker who was seriously abused as a child. We shouldn't pay him much mind.

where u live in japan??
i could hook up some clubs and stuff for these kind of events
if u went to tokyo im sure you went to the club nuts (natsu)
its in shibuya...thats where i met mighty crown
reggae has been in japan for a long time but hip hop mostly dominated in the 90s but then reggae just came outta nowhere and took the country by storm...reggae stors be opening up....weird thing is...if your caught with weed in japan you get 7 years in watch out for that

yo did u know miki dousan died like 2 years ago
i was wonderin what happened to him...shiet lol
yah man i have a fireball bandana i got from the woofin mag...check hmv
for it....its mighty crown and rhianna on the cover

in 05 i got the one & g dvd from this reggae mag called rove (reon kaneda is on the cover which was a plus)
i havnt seen the mag in stores, i went to family mart and lawson..and no luck..but still check them out from time to time
the dvd is madd dope
i got this other dvd and its just kiyo on it talkin about reggae style and dance tips, interviews etc (i think amazon sells the dvds)

yeah man mighty crown are off the chizzain!!!!
there was alot of sound crews comin up in japan
but mighty crown owned them all (coz mighty crown has the $$ to travel )
other sound systems wait for the artists to come to japan, then do the dup plates there coz its cheaper

reggaeton is comin up too but i doubt it will take japan by storm
you should check out my boys los kalibres...reggaeton in spanish and japanese (coz they r peruvian/japanese)...its dope

ok as for favorite dancer
i would have to go with foxy bullman (sono), and battyrider
ths girl is dope too but too bad she went into porn

its hard to attned the annual dancehall queen comp coz the tickets are usually sold out 2-3 weeks in advance

i heard theres madddd reagge jams down in okinawa
gotta reach

good post

courtesy of Bobby_Digital72

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