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Originally Posted by ShaolinDarts View Post
When I first bought this album I was very pleased. As usual Gza is on point with the lyrics. The album starts of with material mostly based around hip hop and Gza's emceeing credentials. The album mid part of the album I would say is the most entertaining. There is a mix of everything in here from story telling to bread and butter emceeing to lyrical genius.

However as the cd got more and more spins I find myself less and less interested. The problem is that the cd just doesn't hold much charisma in it. Quite honestly it sounds like a a very poorly planned out cd. Like I said, there is a bit of everything in here and the clan appearances are very strong too. But, and for the lack of a better word, there is no 'flavour' to this cd. It sounds like a laboured effort and to me it sounds more like a mixtape than a cd.

For a moment I will go slightly off topic. I think that every emcee has his weakness. In the Wu Tang there are a couple of emcees that just don't have the charisma to pull of straight forward efforts like LOLS. If we take examples like Immobilarity and Uncontrolled Substance then we see that being a top grade emcee simply isn't enough. The album needs to be made more interesting. And like Immobilarity and Uncontrolled Substance, this albums failures revolve around the fact that a highly talented emcee needs some kind of cohesive element to bind his skills to the actual album (more commonly known as Rza but other methods are also possible).

My rating of the cd is 6/10.
I agree, but I rate it a 7.5/10. Good, but not great. Good for the first few spins, but like good pussy, it gets old after awhile. Every once in a while though Ill be in the mood for this album however.
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