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enough anime to last you for a year of nonstop viewing!!!!

i recommend.....( i watched these anime series front to back )

Air Gear- a story of highspeed rollerbladers who race and battle at night in the streets up

sides of buildings and through the sky. good shit here.

Battle Athletes- Akari Kanzaki has just joined an all-girls academy in hopes of entering the University Satellite, an elite sports training facility. She wants to win the title of Cosmo Beauty - a title held years ago by her mother.
kinda cutesy/sailormoonish at times but its funny and the events are sick. ex: cross country sprint pulling a giant steamroller-like wheel.


Gunslinger Girl follows the exploits of the Social Welfare Agency. While the Agency professes to aid the rehabilitation of the physically injured, it is actually a military organization specializing in counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.

the Agency employs young girls fitted with cybernetic implants as agents. The implants, which consist of synthesized muscles and carbon fiber frames, result in heightened strength and reflexes as well as high resilience to damage and pain.

Each girl is paired with a male trainer, or "handler," and together they are referred to as a fratello (Italian for "brother"). The handler is responsible for the training, welfare and field performance of his charge, and is free to use whatever methods he considers suitable.

While these methods vary according to the handler, a common part of each girl's regimen is brainwashing called "conditioning," which produces a deadly assassin with unquestioning loyalty to her handler.

this is a GOOD DRAMA/ACTION anime. its kinda sad cause these lil girls are beaten and brainwashed into being cold blooded assassins. but when they are off the clock they are still real lil girls. this anime explores the relationships between the girl and her handler and between the girls themselves as they struggle to find meaning in their lives.

only 13 episodes i praying for a season 2.

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