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Originally Posted by VallKano View Post
next paycheck about 100 dollars goin to for shit i wont be able to find in stores
heres what i got in the mail today

Reason For Coppin: was on clearance for $2.50 and had some dope tracks

Reason For Coppin: downloaded it-didnt know what to expect sounded dope so i had to get it sounded consistant also *upon first listen

Reason For Coppin: u can almost call me a collector of grimey new york sh*t from the early 2000's this was on sale for $6.50 and is the first cd i seen wit M.E.N. ENT. on it so i said fu*k it and copped it

Reason For Coppin: been a killa sha fan since about 2003 he finally dropped an album so it was necessary to cop it

Reason For Coppin: STATEN ISLAND HIP HOP >>>>

Reason For Coppin: downloaded it first heard the first track and bought it...hopefully its dope all the way thru but i think it will be

Reason For Coppin: grimey midwest sh*t on sale for $4.50

Reason For Coppin: this guy was spittin pretty hard and for $2.50 i couldnt pass it up

Reason For Coppin: another mixtape i got based off it being early 2000's ny sh*t check ughh and hear the way dude flipped that doors END OF THE NIGHT sample on track 7 WHOA!

Reason For Coppin: FREE ITEM
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