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Originally Posted by J.T.S. View Post
Mc's get ate on a wu plate..J.T.S. a true snake
U emcee's defeating me's impossible like a man wit no hands trying to masterbate
I'll blast ya wake wit a tre-8 after i rape ya wiz..make her feel the hate
Bitch so ugly had to put a trash bag over her face
wasn't worried bout getting locked..left dunkin' donuts for jake
It took a long hot summer for em trying to master this ace
Batters up my louiville slugger had they heads looking deformed like Mase
Hit em like breaks..body bags found in the bottom of various lakes
My victims hit em wit more hooks than Nate
Only difference their bloody..they ladies nutted in face..
You grown men take shorts like gary colemen in my spot zoning
Selling rock on the hot block aware of where cops rolling
Breaking bitches bones while i'm boning
Stoned strolling..knock rivals down like pins while bowlin
i always score a perfect strike
U don't wanna fight nigga i'm holding..

Trip and I'm strokin llama hammers, but the triggers I'm chokin/
spoke in the dopest Black Panther grammar like I'm livin in Oakland/
holdin the smoke in, soakin ink in my journal when I'm flippin it open/
flippant devotion to the microphone chrome, equivocally spoken/
infinitely chosen by those opposin dark forces, spears and cart horses/
my art's forcefed to marks that narc to spark roaches and park Porsches/
this part's gorgeous, my arm strong from holdin long to heavy torches/
thru levies and gorges, headin to porches on mansions, wit hefty mortgage/
makin moves on the cordless, reminiscin on today when I couldn't afford this/
I'll be supportless, affordin fuel when there's a shortage of octane portions/
I'll afford gas, no mo bein short-cashed in Jordache, askin for a transport pass/
puttin on a mask for scratch, I'm outta this world, where's my passport at...
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