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Billy Danzenie crouching tiger

murderous, hurtin the stage in every way
known to man, i come to waste the day
a smokin' barrel, okay im not as famous as steve carrell, not even pharrell
but i get my face up, printed on wanted posters
doin' the dumbest shit, like breakin down roller costers
takin out targets like a certified hitman
gotta squirt my jizz again, bitch get you and you're friend
punk ass maggots try to step to me and mine
they get shot up in no time, with no rhyme,
just a hand on the 9
simplicity is my name, my lyrics bring me no fame
just dirty looks, people callin' me lame
but they gonna take that all back, when i pull my gat
and attack, you're spillin blood all over your mama's rack
i activate doomfires that can destroy the biggest empires
take a look inside of me, no sorrow just ire
this world is full of liars, and i ain't one
i speak the truth which is the bullet blastin out my gun

Go to sleep when your tired and wake up at the same time everyday until you'r legs are more flexible for an intense fight with your local mail carrier
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