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Default Re: "I run wucorp"..shits dope, add if u wanna

wucorp, the place is so invincible/
for about a year it was quite invisible/
but we were still on it like fiends on crack bowls/
crackin our fingers from all the typin/
kickin our words while all was fightin/
this little thing here was so excitin'/
it was all good til all was over/
then others were biting/
methical,chambermusick they aint that hot/
but when you at wucorp/
you know its the spot/
we were always on top/
even though we flipped a lot/
the game aint over/
corp kids'll take the rover/
shove you on the shoulder/
kick game and roll you over like a fuckin boulder/cause
the net got faster/
it didnt stay slower/
we got a year older/
the corp didnt change/
we got beef, love, man.. everything/
so step back from others/
stay true to the webmasters and your real brothers/
run the corp with us/
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